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Lightwave blog

Use our free smartphone and tablet Lightwave App to connect to your Lightwave Link or Link Plus and instantly control up to 80 heating and monitoring devices and up to lighting and power devices around your home. A simple menu system allows you to organise your devices room by room. Basic features include grouping, scene lighting, energy monitoring, heating scheduling, temperature reporting, scheduled events and socket or dimmer locking.

Then, at the touch of a button, you can recall your preferred set-ups to create the perfect ambience in any room. All your lamps can activate at once to the correct dim level and status for watching a film or entertaining guests in the evening, for example. Use our automated events feature to schedule one or more Lightwave devices to turn on or off or to dim automatically at a certain time. This time can be repeated on a daily or weekly basis.

You could, for instance, set a timer to turn your porch lights on at dusk the system geo-locates and knows when this is or a random timer to turn lights on and off if you are away on holiday. You can use the heating section of the Lightwave App to monitor, control and schedule any connected Lightwave heating devices, including boiler and radiator control. Lightwave Thermostatic Radiator Valves TRVs allow you to control your heating room by room by setting precise temperature and scheduling routines to fit your specific lifestyle and needs.

And with the app on your smartphone or tablet, you can monitor and set the temperature at home in real time from anywhere. We take data security and personal account protection seriously. All data and information on your smart home system is saved regularly and automatically backed up on our secure remote servers. All Lightwave user accounts are password protected and secure.

However, you can choose to allow multiple users to access the same account if you want to accommodate other family members, friends or colleagues on your system. You can still control your smart home system remotely by using any Internet-connected desktop, laptop or handheld device.

The Lightwave App

Just use your own personal login to access the web app on the Lightwave website at any time and from anywhere. View basket.Customers were streaming video and audio and data from tablets, phones, laptops, desktops and IPTV devices across our market.

January 20, was also the best day ever. It was proof that our engineering and our concepts worked. We delivered twice the amount of traffic over a three-hour period. There were no network issues and no problems for our customers.

The Switched Layer 2 network routed all traffic beautifully. Password security as a topic comes up from time to time.

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The most important thing you need to know about password security is to use complex passwords. Typically, people create a complex password, but then the same password is used on multiple sites. The problem with this is that if your account on Website A is compromised and you used the same email and password on Website B, you are going to be exposed and busy for a while changing passwords everywhere.

It starts with the security awareness of our own staff, the training we use, our configuration management, the maintenance procedures, outage handling and secure and limited access to our infrastructure. We are a facilities-based network, which means we manage the network from A to Z. Our goal is to provide our customers with quality service, and security plays a large part in achieving this goal.

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Ransomware is on the rise, and the FBI is asking organizations to report the crime to provide a better understanding of the threat. Ransomware encrypts files and documents on hard drives and servers so that the documents cannot be opened without paying a ransom for an encryption key.

The Top Workplace award winners are chosen to participate from a pool ofbusinesses in the Greater Houston Area. Home Careers Contact Us. Easy Steps to Choose a Good Password. Page of Start Prev Subscribe to our Blog! All Rights Reserved.Luckily, there are some simple ways you can assess and even boost your connection to meet your needs.

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Run a Speed Test Start by running a speed test from your computer. When you do this, plug into your router directly.

That is how you get the most accurate reading, as other devices could skew your results. OTELCO created this educational video for the Arab community to explain the superior speeds of Lightwave fiber and to provide an update on the success of the Arab build.

You can view the video below or read on for a summary of the information.

Creating Solutions for Moving More Data. Faster, Easier and Simpler.

This year, we are changing things up a little bit. We took a step back and reevaluated the most efficient way to better serve all our customers.

It is that time of year again, where we all rush to get the best deals on the most popular tech gifts of the season. There are so many great choices out there today, but deciding what to buy can be hard. Right in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday! For the past several weeks, we have been working on a new project that In the age of social-distancing, reliable telecommuting technology is more At this point, the majority of us have been self-isolating, either by Recent Posts.Keep up to date with everything from the world of Lightwave.

From product tips and advice to industry research and trends, you'll find it all here. Find out more.

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We recently sat down with Stephen from S. From when he installed his first Lightwave products inRoss has been an advocate of Lightwave technology as a means to help manage an independent lifestyle. This means that you can use the Lightwave App to monitor, control and schedule these devices Lightwave Link Plus required and use them to control your radiators.

No plumbing is required. At Lightwave, we know that family is important. Keeping the home safe for all family members can be made easy with our range of smart home safety devices. Find out more with our home safety tips in this article. Now Lightwave products will be included in the list of compatible devices and SmartThings users will be able to include them in their set-up.

Increasingly, the kitchen has become the new focal point of the modern home; we spend more time and money on the kitchen than any other room of the house. Creating the right ambience can help to transform your bedroom into a peaceful haven, prime for relaxation.

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In this blog, Lightwave explores bedroom lighting ideas focusing on how to incorporate smart bedroom lighting into your home. Understanding smart lighting can be tricky.

Which one do you need? This blog will explain the difference between the options and point you in the right direction. Very simply, a smart light bulb replaces the Two-way switch lighting simply refers to a lighting circuit, which has more than one switch operating the same lights.

lightwave blog

LED lights have made a big impact on energy efficiency. However, we can still interact with our lights in a more efficient way. Imagine a device that was able to control all sockets and lights in the house with the touch of a button….

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Enjoy piece of mind that every light is switched off when you leave the house and that no heaters or appliances are left on with a handy single press Smart speakers like Google Home and Amazon Alexa have become a wonderful addition to millions of homes by answering questions, providing the latest weather and traffic news and for playing music. What if we said You will be able to fully We hear lots of stories of Lightwave products being used in the home for family members to safeguard children and keep an eye on elderly relatives living at home.

With one in five Brits planning to spend Christmas away from home, read our top tips for keeping your home secure and burglars at bay, this holiday season. Three- and four-gang dimmers make it possible to control up to four lights using the same smart switch.

News Keep up to date with everything from the world of Lightwave.The number of people working from home, at least part time, has been steadily rising over the last few years.

lightwave blog

The reality is, this type of work arrangement typically requires a lot of thought and preparation. Employees need to arrange a dedicated workspace, organize a routine, and have effective communication tools and tactics. In this ever changing environment where 35 states have already implemented statewide closures of non-essential business sites, I am sure you have many pressing challenges that are consuming your time and attention.

Many of the changes you are experiencing require even greater reliance on your Internet and data connectivity. We recognize that you depend on your connectivity around the clock. Whether it is in within your primary site s or to support remote staff and users who depend upon accessing data and Internet through PS Lightwave, we will remain vigilant in maintaining the level of service you expect.

In light of the recent events surrounding COVID, we want to let you know we are diligently monitoring the unfolding situation and have taken preventive measures following recommended heightened protocols.

Is Lightwave 3D the WRONG TOOL for the Job?

We will continue to follow and evolve our plan to protect both our people and the level of service you rely upon. Our Disaster Recovery Plan has been implemented and preparations made and continue to evolve as the situation warrants.

Like many companies, we do our best to ensure each of our employees exemplifies these values. What can your organization do to protect itself from ransomware attacks? The first line of defense is your employees. Here are some tips to prepare employees. When trying to keep technology security training up to date, it would be nice to say one of the best defenses for anyone working with a computer would be to simply not answer any email, at all.

Unfortunately, just like we tell children as they grow up, the world is just not that simple. At the same time, hackers are still using very old and simple attacks as well with notable success. This variance in attack modes constantly keeps knocking companies and agencies off their feet. No surprise, people tend to be the weakest link in a technology defense in just about any size organization today.

Security reverse path forwarding is a technology term that affects everyone who has a router in their home or business, or anyone who uses a network administrator to handle their website or business traffic.We had a great experience with Lightwave.

They installed an add on system of 5kW along with a Tesla Powerwall battery. From the initial presentation to the final project completion, they all worked together and everyone on their team seemed truly happy to be engaged in this new industry.

They are true professionals and I was glad we selected them. Quentin Humberd. Wonderful experience from beginning discussions to project completion. On time, on budget and a pleasure to work with these folks. David Goodridge.

LightWave provided excellent service from design through applications through installation. We are very happy with the performance of the system. Michael Dennis. They completed the Array installation on time and with in budget. Brian Nothnagle. The staff was incredibly friendly and knowledgable. Denis Savouray. Light Wave Solar is terrific.

All their people were great to work with, knowledgeable and on- the- ball. They were everything i could have asked for and i couldn't be happier with the system they installed. So far it is working just as i hoped! Jeanie Stephenson. I needed LightWave's help after a wind storm caused a tree to fall on my house.

The tree destroyed ten solar panels on my roof. LightWave's technicians visited me to assess the damage and plan repairs. LightWave's project manager took over from that point.

After the design was complete and approved, the installation crew completed the job in a single day. Every LightWave representative was pleasant and professional.

I would recommend them to anyone who needs their services. Mike Wiedemer. The whole team at LightWave Solar did an all-around excellent job!SmartThings is compatible with hundreds of third-party devices, making it possible for customers to create an integrated smart home.

Now Lightwave products will be included in the list of compatible devices and SmartThings users will be able to include them in their set-up.

We are delighted to confirm the completion of the integration to our customers that have been requesting it and we see the great potential this opens up in terms of the number of different things which become possible to control via SmartThings. In fact, some of the Lightwave team are themselves users of SmartThings and have started to experiment with the integration at home. Chris, our Online Marketing and eCommerce Manager uses his SmartThings Motion Sensor to turn on his Lightwave 4 gang dimmer in his study, He then turns off his lights using voice control with his Google Home smart speaker:.

We recently sat down with Stephen from S.

lightwave blog

From when he installed his first Lightwave products inRoss has been an advocate of Lightwave technology as a means to help manage an independent lifestyle. This means that you can use the Lightwave App to monitor, control and schedule these devices Lightwave Completes SmartThings Integration.

View Details. Boarder Electrical We recently sat down with Stephen from S. Ross Hovey Interview From when he installed his first Lightwave products inRoss has been an advocate of Lightwave technology as a means to help manage an independent lifestyle. Home Security Smart tips for keeping your home safe during the dark winter months. View basket.

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